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Thank you for visiting™ !™ is a family-owned and operated business located in both Platteville, CO and Forney, TX. We developed from a small batch manufacture making cloth diapers and children's clothing to an online shop providing you with KAM snaps and quality fabrics.

We are dedicated to our customers and, as a company, we will do our best to provide you with the best shopping expierence possible. 

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What does the word "Snabric" mean, you ask. How do you even pronounce it?  Well, I am glad you ask! 

Let me go back a bit to start with the name "Kimmy", and explain where that came from. Once upon a time, my mother, Kim, was nicknamed Kimmy, as a child. Her name was not Kimberly, but Kim, and Kimmy was her nickname. This was an endearment to her.  The little carrot top little girl named Kimmy. As she grew older, the name was nearly forgotten, never used. Both of her parents passed at a very young age and many things of the past were left, well, in the past. In an attempt to keep the past from being fully forgotten, and to honor my mother whom works along side me to grow this business, I wanted to name the company after her, my best friend. Hence, the name "Kimmy" and the little red headed girl in the logo, which is a handdrawn image of my mother as a little girl.

Now, let's move onto the word "Snabric".

We wanted our business to sound like the name of the little girl in the logo, but of course we didn't want to use our last names. We asked our fans and one suggested combining SNAPS and FABRIC into a single word, since we sell both. "What a marvelous idea!" The two words were smushed together to make Snabric, which is pronounced: Sna-Brick. That is how we got the business name: Kimmy Snabric !